Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Photo taken outside our accommodation in Kilpeck, UK


I’m back.

How are you? I hope you had a wonderful time over the holiday season – did you?

I certainly did. Kevin and I arrived home last night after an incredible road trip around the UK with some friends and family where we had our fair share of cream teas, English breakfasts, and fish and chips with mushy peas (my favourite). The trip started in London where the six of us adults plus our little baby niece piled into a mini bus of a van and continued on our way to Bath, Kilpeck, Bangor (Wales), Liverpool, Peak District (Buxton, Bakewell) and the Cotswolds and back to London.

We passed through many ubelieveably quaint and sweet villages which were rich in history, beauty and filled with delicious traditional food – like the famous Sally Lunn’s Buns in Bath… 

Sally Lunn's Buns

We tried one with lemon curd and one with cinnamon butter. These buns are seriously tasty, I never thought a bun could taste so good. The texture is a mixture between a brioche and a soft white bread roll and was created by Sally Lunn back in 1680. There are many variations of this bun around the world today but none are quite the same as this bun and that’s because the Sally Lunn Historic House is the only one with the original recipe. So if you should ever be in Bath, trying these buns is a must for a genuine bun eating experience.

In Bakewell we scoffed down the traditional bakewell tart and bakewell pudding which have been a popular British dessert since the 20th century.

Apparently the bakewell pudding was ‘invented’ by mistake when a baker misread the recipe and added an egg with the jam as a topping instead of in the pastry which is how the bakewell tart is made. It’s been a hit ever since and despite it’s appearance, I personally prefer it to the tart myself.



We couldn’t help but take a photo underneath this sign…(no, unfortunately we don’t originally come from Bakewell).

UK road trip  

Aside from eating we did manage to take a walk around Chatsworth House, which has been established since 1549 and is home to the Canvendish family. It’s probably more recently known for it’s appearance in the Pride and Prejudice movie. It’s very stunning and the surrounding rolling hills and man made river make for a very picturesque ‘backyard’ indeed.


Before our road trip we spent Christmas in London where we ate in true British fashion – honey roast ham with all the trimmings along with warm Christmas pudding, rum cream and custard for dessert.

Christmas Dinner

…and now it’s back to real life and back into the kitchen, apron and all.

I’m excited about that.

There will be many recipes coming your way very soon, some inspired from the UK, so keep a look out!

Sending you much happiness for 2016.



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