Merry Christmas and Gender Reveal of Baby Bump!

merry christmas


I’m posting at an unusual time this week as I’m heading to our family holiday house tomorrow for a few days and we won’t have any internet (typical life in remote NZ!).

Before I leave, I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope that you have a great time celebrating with friends and family!

Where will you be for Christmas this year?

And perhaps more importantly, what will you be baking for Christmas?

We’re doing a potluck style this year and I’m bringing:

My Easy Lemon Cheesecake

Vánočka Christmas Bread

 Christmas Mince Pies


Perfect Sugar Cookies

I’m looking forward to a big feast and I have no doubt baby bump is too. After all, it is baby’s first Christmas. 😜

Speaking of baby, I’m now 26 weeks pregnant and as a little Christmas surprise I thought it was time I shared the gender of our baby with you! I was going to keep the gender of our baby a surprise for you until the end, but then I thought you might be like me and want to know now. Unlike a lot of other pregnant mums I know, I was  too impatient to wait to find out the gender of our little bump and couldn’t wait to find out.


So in case you’ve been wondering…


Even though I was convinced we were having a boy, my doctor confirmed that we are indeed having a little girl. Given that I have 9 nieces and only 2 nephews it’s perhaps no surprise! We are so excited to meet her!!

She loves to kick, roll, punch and swirl around and I love feeling her every movement.

So far life being pregnant has been really great. The first 4 months were challenging at times with severe morning all-day sickness, but over the last two months I’ve been feeling as good as new. I’m sure this will change again as I hit the third trimester…

As for names, we’re still deciding. At least now we can narrow it down to just one sex. Have you got a favourite girl’s name?

merry christmas

So now you know! I promise to share more baby bump updates as time goes on.

Apart from keeping in touch here and here, I won’t be back again until after Christmas. So I hope you have a great one and I look forward to hearing all about your day. May it be filled with much love, laughter and delicious treats!

Lots of love and merry cheer to you,



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  1. Ahh Sarah this is so exciting!! A little girl – how gorgeous!! And you look wonderful!!
    Also thanks for keeping on coming with the recipes – I’ve just made some of your sugar cookies, and they are perfect 🙂

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