A snap shot of making a wedding cake

Wedding cake

A quick preview of making a wedding cake…

creamy white chocolate buttercream

Remember this frosting and how I wasn’t sure if it would be the right fit for a wedding cake I was making?

Well it turns out that it was the perfect match and I ended up using it to make this couple’s wedding cake a couple of weekends ago. And I will just add what an absolute privilege it was to make for an absolute couple. The day was incredible, magical and fairy-tale like, complete with Mr Whippy – truck, song and all! 

I hope to share photos of the day with you once the bride and groom receive their professional photos. They are a wedding magazine couple for sure!

In the meantime, are you –

…interested to see what goes into the process of making a wedding cake?

Here’s a few pictures:

  1. I made 12 chocolate cakes the week of the wedding, wrapped them up and froze them (this makes sure that they’re extra fresh on the day).

Wedding cake

2. The day before the wedding I defrosted the cakes, leveled them all off and filled them with the white chocolate buttercream that I’m currently addicted to. I made 4 tiers with three layers each.

*Leveling cakes allows for a nice flat surface to work with, ensuring that each tier (and therefore entire cake) is straight and not wonky.

Wedding cake

Wedding cake

3. Once iced and beautiful, I popped inserted cake dowels to help provide a sturdy structure for each tier to sit on then placed the cake tiers into the fridge.

4. On the day of the wedding I placed each cake tier in a box, then carefully placed them in the car. With the air conditioning on full blast, Kevin and I transported them to the venue (this was the scariest part!).

Wedding cake

4. At the venue, I assembled the tiers, piped a bit more icing on around the edges and added the flowers and topper.

…and here is what the finished product looked like:

Wedding cake

Please excuse the photo quality – they’re all taken with the camera on my phone.

Hopefully I will have some better photos for you soon!

Want to know more about how to make a wedding cake? This post should help!

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