Introducing our new addition


Wow, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote – sorry about that. I have a delicious Pistachio Italian cake recipe for you soon, but in the mean time, I wanted to introduce you to our latest and smallest addition…

Isla May Joan Sears.

She was born on Thursday 4th April at 2.09pm and life hasn’t been the same since. She was just a wee thing, weighing only 5lb 10 oz (2.560kgs).

Things are going well and we couldn’t be more in love with her. She’s a great sleeper and eater however we are having to give her formula and expressed milk top ups via a lactaide as my milk supply hasn’t been great so I feel like all my spare time is spent expressing and feeding. It’s well worth it though because she is gaining weight well and it means I get lots and lots of snuggles. The downside is I have less time to create and post recipes so please bear with me for the next couple of months as I’ll be sticking to posting just once or twice a month.

Sleepy, cuddly newborns are just the best, aren’t they?

So in love.x

9 thoughts on “Introducing our new addition

  1. she is soooooo wonderful!!!! What a miracle. Enjoy every moment, every next day with her will be even better and better!

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