How to Make Buttermilk – So Easy!

Learn how to make buttermilk in minutes with ingredients you already have! Scenario: You go to bake something and realise half way through the process that you don’t have a one important ingredient: Buttermilk. Arrrrgh!! What to do? You could go out and buy some (but that’s a lot of effort…); you could omit itRead more

How to Make Vanilla Extract

how to make vanilla extract

2 ingredients, 2 minutes to prepare and 2-4 weeks to let the magic happen – learn how to make vanilla extract at home! (This post has been updated with new photos as of December 2016) Vanilla extract features in so many recipes and for good reason – it has an incredible flavour and complements otherRead more

Food Foraging and Rose Hip Tea

  I have fond memories foraging through the paddocks of our family farm with my grandad looking for mushrooms. I never really knew a good mushroom from a bad one, but I treasured the time with my grandad nevertheless. When Kevin and I moved to Brno, we moved right in the middle of Houbaření (the mushroomRead more