What Are Baking Secrets?

Understanding the how’s and why’s of baking

I know what it’s like to spend all day afternoon baking something special (for a friend, celebration, party etc.) and then to open the oven to find a sunken/cracked/burnt/disaster waiting for you. You followed the recipe step by step – what went wrong?

I’ve learned over time that sometimes following a recipe isn’t always enough. It’s needing to understand the why’s and how’s of a recipe that creates successful results. Understanding for example things how do I cream butter and sugar? Or why does my brownie recipe always produce a cakey texture brownie when all I want is a fudgy one? Or why are my muffins flat and not well-risen like cafe-style muffins? The list goes on…

That’s what these baking secrets are all about. They’re the reasons behind the recipe, the science of baking and my lessons learned along the way. Let’s conquer sunken/burnt/disaster bakes once and for all and discover the many secrets of baking together.

If you’d like to know something specific, write to me! I’ll do my best to find the answer.

Also, I highly recommend checking out this great visual for understanding even more about the science of baking.