How to Make Quick and Easy Pastry Dough

How to make quick and easy pastry dough

Do you know the secrets behind making quick and easy pastry dough? If not, then stay tuned! Does the thought of making pastry dough scare you? Me too. At least, the old me used to. Thankfully today we’re discovering all the baking secrets there is to know about making the flakiest, tender and mouthwatering pastryRead more

A Crack-Free Cheesecake: 5 Must Know Tips!

How to make a Crack-free cheesecake - What Sarah Bakes

Everything you need to know on how to make a crack-free cheesecake – every time! So I get it, I really do. Sometimes the thought of baking a crack-free cheesecake can seem non-achievable and a little (or REALLY) daunting. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be. This week, I’m revealing all the bakingRead more

Your Guide to Making the Perfect Buttercream

Everything you need to know about making perfect buttercream – What to do with ‘broken’ buttercream (e.g. when it curdles/grainy, soupy etc.) – The secret to making the best buttercream – Flavoured buttercream recipes I used to get a little anxious every time I went to make buttercream. Sometimes it would work out okay andRead more

How to make granola bars low in sugar

healthy granola bars

Learn why granola bars are often packed with sugar and how to make granola bars that are actually healthy for you! Is it just me or do you too find it hard to buy granola bars that aren’t packed with sugar? I even find it hard to find granola bar recipes that aren’t loaded withRead more

How to Make a Wedding Cake

Two of the sweetest people I know got married last weekend and I had the daunting job privilege of making their wedding cake. They wanted a winter-themed cake complete with two cute pine cone toppers – one with a top hat and one with a veil and thus chose a naked rustic wedding cake: Chocolate-CoconutRead more