Natural Cocoa Powder vs Dutch Cocoa Powder

natural cocoa powder vs dutch cocoa powder

What’s the difference between the two!? Let’s find out. Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I was treated to pancakes on Saturday made be Kevin which was an exciting event (it doesn’t happen very often) and on Sunday, my friend Teri and I had a small stall selling yummy treats at a local market onRead more

Czech Baking Ingredients

Perhaps not so surprisingly, baking ingredients was the first thing on my shopping list when it was time to go to the supermarket for the first time after moving to Brno. It was then that I realised I was going to have to learn some new Czech baking ingredient vocabulary pronto. There seemed to beRead more

Chocolate Coconut Bircher Muesli

chocolate coconut bircher

Earthy, chocolatey and heavenly. This easy to prepare chocolate coconut bircher muesli is best made the night before so it’s perfect for those who never have time to make breakfast in the mornings.  I love bircher muesli. I like walking into the kitchen in the morning knowing that breakfast has been working it’s magic all nightRead more