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PREP TIME:  5 mins


SERVES:  5-6


250mls (1 cup) cream

500g (2 cups) berry flavoured yoghurt

1.5 cups frozen berries (or to taste)

120g (1 cup) chopped marshmallows

A few grated freeze dried boysenberries (optional)



1. In a large bowl, whip cream until soft peaks form. Fold in yoghurt, berries and marshmallows. 

2. Serve and top with freeze dried berries if desired. 


The easiest, fastest recipe for ambrosia you could ask for. This is the perfect dessert to bring or a potluck dinner when you have nothing planned, or for when you just want something delicious and in a hurry. 

Ambrosia is definitely an old school NZ dessert but I think it has to be up there with one of my favourites. This recipe is a slight twist on the traditional coconut, mandarin flavoured ambrosia and is a lot quicker (and tastier!).

I love using frozen berries as I don’t always have fresh berries on hand, but fresh berries work just as well too. If you don’t have any  fresh/frozen berries on hand you could use any tinned fruit with any flavoured yoghurt e.g. tinned apricots, chopped mixed with cream, apricot yoghurt and marshmallows -yuuuumm!

I usually go with a two part yoghurt to one part cream ratio and just add however many berries and marshmallows I feel like at the time. If you’re making this for a big crowd these ratios will help.

I had the house to myself last night so invited some girlfriends around for a little treat night and we ate ambrosia out of these little tea cups. I think the teacups made the ambrosia taste even better… 

I love that this dessert can be made in advanced before guests arrive.